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ANDROMEDA, the Galaxy closest to Milky Way! In Andromeda there is a cluster of star systems called  JEWEL In JEWEL hundreds of planets have life, some with primitive life, others with civilizations in developing and others with civilizations in advanced levels of technology.

 In this region there is an Interstellar Police called  X-POL  created to maintain peace among civilizations. One of the most brilliant agents of  X-POL is  X-FOXX, a Humanoid/Android Fox Species with special power to reverse the gravity in his body.

 X-POL  has found that scientists are being abducted and they are being held in slavery to work for a group of interplanetary pirates called  THE HEATWAVE. THE HEATWAVE  has as its main plan to create a weapon to destroy the ozone layer of the planets and to threaten the civilization of these planets to they can take over.

 With this weapon  THE HEATWAVE  could heat the planets until life becomes unbearable.To prevent this evil project  X-FOXX  will have to leave in mission in several planets of  JEWEL. He will have to arrest interplanetary pirates and investigate facts until he finds the place where is THE JAIL : the hidden laboratory where the scientists are; and fight THE HEATWAVE boss:  ZANDHORR!

This is a Demo Version with a short stage.

X-Foxx Controls:

Use: <arrow keys> to move, <space bar>  to jump, <shift> to crouch, <CTRL> to shoot and <space bar> again in the air to reverse the gravity. Good Luck!

The game is under development. Play and submit your feedback. Thank you.



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